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From "Marc Haines" <>
Subject RE: Latest on Cocoon?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 15:57:18 GMT
Hi Mark,

We have been developing our XML-driven Web site using Cocoon 2.2.0.

Overall Cocoon 2.2.0 worked fine for our purposes. 
However, you need to consider your requirements!

You need to check the list of blocks related to Cocoon 2.2.0, there are
quite a few unreleased blocks that need work before they can used in this
version of Cocoon.
(see )

For instance, instead of using the lucene block for search, we are using the
combination of Cocoon and Solr (see ).

We were hoping to use the portal capabilities offered by Cocoon, but the
portal block is not released. So we will be looking for a different

Cocoon 3.0 has been in alpha with no significant development for more than
two years. In our view this is currently not an option.

BTW, to get a rough idea of how vibrant an open-source community go to and type in the technology you are interested in (e.g., ... you will see that excitement
around Cocoon has peaked between 03-05 and then waned in recent years. 
Alfresco, on the other hand, is all the rage now

Hope that helps in  your decision process.




Marc N. Haines, Ph.D.
Senior Architect
ictect, inc.
+1 (262) 898-7567 [office]
+1 (414) 324-1423 [mobile]

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From: [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 1:49 PM
Subject: Latest on Cocoon?

I'm wondering what the status of the Cocoon project is.  It doesn't appear
that there has been much activity on Cocoon 2.x or 3.x in some time.  We
currently use an older version and are wondering what our upgrade options
are, or if we need to look at alternatives.

Thanks for your help and any information you can provide.

Mark Persinger
Quickserve Online Application Team
Cummins Inc.
(W) 812-377-1005    (C) 812-216-6958

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