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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Help needed on finalizing the JAXB optional support
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 08:49:39 GMT
Hi all,
a month ago I started developing the JAXB optional support for C3
pipeline, with a lot of limits:

* each time a new object has to be mashalled, the JAXBContext were
created, now it uses a memory-based LRU cache;
* it supported just POJOs graphs, without any support for collections and array.

I was able to plug the array support (see cocoon-optional r936231) but
after several tries I had to resign to discover collections generic
type at runtime; I also checked-out the Jersey source code to see how
do they extract this information, but I got lost :(
So, my first question is: can anyone help me please? :P

Moreover, for Collection/Array object, there is the need that the root
element name of the marshalled document is the plural of the list; I
found two existing implementations for this purpose:

* the Apache Betwixt "PluralStemmer" [1]
* the Jersey "Inflector" [2]

I personally find the Jersey implementation much more complete but it
is not licensed under the Apache license. So my question is: can I
extract part of that class to include in our software? Is that

Many thanks in advance, have a nice day


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