I am trying to run Cocoon 2.2 Block and Webapp in Intellij IDEA's runtime debugger. I realize that Cocoon 2.2 comes with a means to deploy and test in jetty, however, we need this solution for a project / training we are preparing, there are a number of the IDEA dependent things that we are doing.  

I approached the IDEA support with questions concerning trying to have the runtime debugger execute against the generated jar artifact, but learned it builds to and tests directly against the <project>/target/classes.  This seems to make it not possible to run and test multiple cocoon blocks in that environment.  I'm wondering if I understand why and am seeking advice from those that designed the block mechanism could provide some feedback.

1.) I assume that Cocoon block behaves much the same as OSGi bundle in that the resources within the COB-INF are access relative to the packaged artifact.

2.)  I also assume that the way the rcl cocoon maven plugin works is to generate or rewrite the webapps web.xml to be properly isolate the block COB-INF and resolve the blockcontext in the absence of the MANIFEST.MF's "Cocoon-Block-Name: ..." when deploying into Jetty.

I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on how one can debug Cocoon Blocks in an unpackages state when trying to test in IDE like IDEA and Cocoon.  I.E. I do not want to use a custom debugging environment separate from that provided by the IDE?  

I've tried copy the MANIFEST.MF with "Cocoon-Block-Name: ..." to <bock>/src/main/resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF without much success.  I've been considering trying to repurpose the org.apache.cocoon.tools.rcl.wrapper.servlet.ReloadingServlet in my test webapplication.

Any constructive thoughts or advice would be welcome.