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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Adding new components to C3 Optionals
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:05:27 GMT
Hi all guys,
even if a little late, I noticed an old email[1] in the users ML where
one of C3 users was asking us how to integrate a JAXB marshaller into
After provided the hint, I suggested him to send a patch but at the
same time I don't know if it could be applied because of the
licensing: on the JAXB documentation I'm reading is reported that.

 * "JAXB is a redistributable component of the JWSDP" that's covered
by the JWSDP License[3]
 * "Parts of the JAXP software bundled with JAXB are covered by the
Apache License and the W3C License"

I'm not a lawyer and honestly not expert about licenses: do you have
any info that confirm we can/can't add JAXB in C3?

Also Javolution[4] contains a nice and fast XML marshaller[5], but
Javolution is released under the BSD[6] License. Are we allowed to
integrate Javolution in C3?

Thanks in advance, very appreciated!!!


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