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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon3 Wicket integration
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 15:20:34 GMT
Florent André wrote:
> Hi Reinhard, and thanks for this. 
> I have in mind to create - one day :) - a "Form module" for Lenya.
> ----- Here the main line of the idea : -----
> [[..]] (pick up from a lenya thread)
> Year, IMO forms is a good and user-friendly solution for pick-up structured
> data from user.
> IMO, a great cform module can be composed by something like that : 
> 0) user interface for defining the "form container" {can be done by
> advanced user} (the last step in developping)
> 1) xml "form container"  {can be done by xml-compliant user), that contain
> : 
> --- the xml form declaration (a cform file ?) ==> define all inputs and
> authorized values
> --- the action connector : define what doing with the filled result (eg :
> send a mail, create a new lenya doc, fire a pipeline, ...)
> 2) a set of "actionners" (send a mail, create a lenya doc, calculate result
> from filling,...)
> ------ With wicket ? (point 1) )------
> - So IMO with this ""specifications"" and wicket : 
> -- cocoon pick-up the "form container" and pass the "form declaration" to
> wicket
> -- wicket deal with presentation, validation,... and put the result into
> cocoon
> -- cocoon retrieve the filling result and apply the "action connector" on
> it (send a mail, create a doc, etc...) 
> ------ Questions -----
> I don't have jump into cocoon 3 for now, so maybe my questions are
> stupid...
> - What do you think about this solution ?
> - What is the ideas (of the five) that can answer to this ?
> - One of your samples can give me some pointer on it ?


IIUC you want to create form definitions in XML that are derived from
some XML data types. So the first thing to look at is how to
automatically create a Wicket-based form based on this data.

The next step is finding a generic way to deal with the manipulation
results (sending mails, create docs, etc.)

The third step is the integration of Wicket into Cocoon because Lenya is
 based on Cocoon and you need some kind of integration. This probably
means that you need option e) (Cocoon is the leading application).

I haven't had the time myself to look into Hippo CMS, but the Hippo guys
must have already solved your the mentioned because they use Wicket for
their CMS user interface and IIRC they also have data type definitions.


Reinhard Pötz                           Managing Director, {Indoqa} GmbH

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