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From Matt Whipple <>
Subject Re: Cocoon documentation
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:54:54 GMT
Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> Matt Whipple wrote:
>> Jos Snellings wrote:
>>> The documentation of cocoon-3 can be checked out as:
>>> svn co\
>> I stumbled upon the HTML deliverable of that on
>> after sending my email. 
>> I'd think it would be best if the official documentation focused on
>> being primarily a comprehensive reference with a quick bootstrap guide. 
>> A community documentation site could then supplement that with all the
>> typical tutorials/how-to's and tips & tricks which gets the reader where
>> he wants to be with a straightforward, minimalist approach which then
>> references the official docs and other more enlightening sources. 
>> Regular articles/blog entries could then highlight the activity in the
>> community, and the possibilities of various Cocoon components could be
>> showcased.  Guides to all of the overlapping processes which can be
>> [easily] extrapolated from existing material can be given a home so that
>> a potential new developer with a specific need is provided with an
>> apparent foot in the door.  Basically a site which presents a welcoming,
>> active community rather than seemingly a group of scattered people
>> developing in Cocoons and enabling me to make bad wordplay (such is the
>> price).  To that end, an agreed upon forum would be ideal. 
> Agreed. When I started to write the C3 documentation, I had the Spring
> reference documentation in mind. I think it's one of the best examples
> because it focuses on describing the technology and the concepts.
> As a forum for everything beyond reference docs we could either use
> Daisy or the Apache Wiki. (
My thought would be Daisy ( so the site itself can be
Cocoon powered and then the wiki can remain legacy docs.

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