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From Florent André <>
Subject Re: Cocoon3 Wicket integration
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 13:41:03 GMT
Hi Reinhard, and thanks for this. 

I have in mind to create - one day :) - a "Form module" for Lenya.

----- Here the main line of the idea : -----
[[..]] (pick up from a lenya thread)
Year, IMO forms is a good and user-friendly solution for pick-up structured
data from user.

IMO, a great cform module can be composed by something like that : 

0) user interface for defining the "form container" {can be done by
advanced user} (the last step in developping)

1) xml "form container"  {can be done by xml-compliant user), that contain
--- the xml form declaration (a cform file ?) ==> define all inputs and
authorized values
--- the action connector : define what doing with the filled result (eg :
send a mail, create a new lenya doc, fire a pipeline, ...)

2) a set of "actionners" (send a mail, create a lenya doc, calculate result
from filling,...)

------ With wicket ? (point 1) )------

- So IMO with this ""specifications"" and wicket : 

-- cocoon pick-up the "form container" and pass the "form declaration" to
-- wicket deal with presentation, validation,... and put the result into
-- cocoon retrieve the filling result and apply the "action connector" on
it (send a mail, create a doc, etc...) 

------ Questions -----

I don't have jump into cocoon 3 for now, so maybe my questions are

- What do you think about this solution ?

- What is the ideas (of the five) that can answer to this ?

- One of your samples can give me some pointer on it ?


On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 09:13:52 +0100, Reinhard Pötz <>
> Since I was asked several times off-list and there have also been some
> mails on the users list asking about the best way to integrate Cocoon
> with Wicket, I invested some time into a first implementation. Actually
> there are five ideas that I have:
>  a) An IRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy wrapping a Cocoon sitemap
>  b) An IRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy wrapping a Cocoon pipeline
>  c) A page component wrapping a Cocoon pipeline
>  d) A Wicket reader to be used in Cocoon sitemaps
>  e) Wicket generator/transformer, again to be used in sitemaps
> a) and b) are useful to add a couple of pipelines to your Wicket
> application. c) helps if you want to use a Cocoon pipeline to provide
> the content of some parts of a page.
> d) and e) help to run a Wicket application in parallel with Cocoon while
> Cocoon remains the "leading" framework.
>                                    - o -
> I added implementations and samples for a, c and d to the SVN. The
> generic parts are in the cocoon-wicket module, the Cocoon/Wicket samples
> in cocoon-samples and the Wicket/Cocoon samples in
> cocoon-samples-wicket-webapp.
> I also wrote some initial documentation that you can find at
>                                    - o -
> Currently it's rather a proof-of-concept (especially the reader) than
> something that you should use in production, but hopefully a first step
> and a basis for further discussions if this is of help to others.
> Let me know if this is of interest to you and what you think about the
> different approaches.
> And finally many thanks to Steven who helped me to hunt down some
> bugs in the reader component.

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