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From Dariusz Łuksza <>
Subject Re: [c3 monitoring] Statistics module.
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 17:44:04 GMT
On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Reinhard Pötz <> wrote:
> Dariusz Łuksza wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> For last few days I'm back on track with my project. In my latest
>> patch[0] I've published StatisticsCollector class and cruelty I have
>> some issues connected with SortedMap (methods:
>> getAllHitCountListAsc(), getAllHitCountListDesc(),
>> getHitCountListAsc(long), getHitCountListDesc(long)).
>> It appears that this class can't be used via JMX because of
>> serialization problems that occurs when I gave it costume Comparator
>> implementation. The Comparator interface doesn't extends Serializable
>> interface so I've created an extra SerializableComparator interface
>> that merge both interfaces. This way NotSerializableException were
>> fixed but next problem has occurs, this time it is connected with RMI
>> and Java Security policy. IMHO creating exceptions in default security
>> policy for this minor feature isn't good idea.
>> I was wondering what else can I do and right now only idea I had is
>> that, the only solution for this problem is to abandon this idea and
>> don't expose sorted statistics list on JXM with is quite ugly
>> solution.
>> Maybe somebody could gave me some a hints for another solution ?
>> [0]
> Dariusz,
> could you provide a patch that directly shows the RMI problem?

In attachment is that contains my last changes for this module.

In comparison to last patch I've moved sorting from
StatisticsCollector inside the Statistics class that is actually an

Error will occur if you will try to execute getHitCountListAsc or

Best regards


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