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From "Lochschmied, Alexander" <>
Subject Unbalanced tags not triggering endTransformingElement in Transformer
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 12:45:55 GMT


Let me call <br/> "unbalanced" element as opposed to <br></br>.

I'm extending AbstractSAXTransformer and noticed that unbalanced elements do not trigger endTransformingElement(...)
if the source (or generator) is cocoon:/something.




1. Unbalanced tags do NOT trigger endTransformingElement(...)

        <map:match pattern="OK">

            <map:generate src="cocoon:/something"/>

            <map:transform type="custom-transformer"/>

            <map:serialize type="xml"/>



2. Unbalanced tags do trigger endTransformingElement(...)

        <map:match pattern=" NOT_OK">

            <map:generate src="same_something_as_above_but_now_as_a_file.xml"/>

            <map:transform type="custom-transformer"/>

            <map:serialize type="xml"/>



Can somebody explain what I'm could possibly be missing or is that a bug in Cocoon?





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