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From Matt Whipple <>
Subject Cocoon documentation
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 13:07:16 GMT
I'm a recent transplant to Cocoon (and Java), in particular because
Cocoon 3 appears as though it is/will be closely in line with my own
perspective on web application development.  I'm interested in
contributing to the development of the framework itself, but likely
won't be able to produce anything remotely useful  for a couple months
as I familiarize myself with all of the related technologies. 

I've just read some of the attacks on the poor documentation of the
project and the resulting difficult entry for those unfamiliar.  This
is, of course, easily confirmed by the combination of woefully out of
date references and dead links on the Web site (i.e. to the Daisy
site).  As I am (obviously) hopeful to see Cocoon succeed, I certainly
don't want it to become mired in isolation like so many good projects. 

As such I'd like to try to contribute some documentation.  Is there any
idea among the community as to where documentation should end up, or
should I just create a new site?  Also, I'd lean towards focusing on
Cocoon 3, as having documentation in place for a new release would
likely have larger impact than attaching possibly overdue docs to an
older, in the process of being superseded one.  This would be premature
if there's no foreseeable beta....

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