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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject XInclude optimization
Date Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:58:16 GMT
Hi all guys,
I'm very sorry if I don't appear frequently on the ML but since April
I've been working very hard for a customer client in Paris that don't
let me some spare time to dedicate to OS projects.

I'm writing because I'm sure the XInclude transformer I submitted time
ago could be optimized, so I'd like to ask you a little help :)

The state of the art is that, when including an entire document, it is
processed efficiently through SAX APIs; the problem comes when
processing a document referenced by xinclude+xpointer, that forces the
processor to extract a sub-document of the included.

To perform this, I implemented a DOM parsing, then through XPath I
extract the sub-document the processor has to be included, then
navigating the elements will be converted to SAX events. As you
noticed, this takes time, too much IMO, but I didn't find/don't know
any better solution :(
Since you experienced the stax, maybe you're able to suggest me a fast
way to parse a document with xpath and invoke SAX events, so I'm able
to provide you a much better - and faster, above all - solution.

Any hint? Every suggestion will be very appreciated.
Thanks in adavance, best regards!!!


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