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From Jos Snellings <>
Subject Re: REST / Can't find URLResponseBuilder
Date Sun, 29 Nov 2009 06:32:40 GMT
In the samples, a typical use of StringTemplate is shown: a page is to
be interpreted by the StringTemplate engine, and a number of properties
are passed via the hashtable.
The idea is that you would open a view on the object.
- the query points to a resource
- the controller decodes what the resource is and what you want (view
it, update it?)
- the way to view it could be: pass my resource to a StringTemplate
invocation:  new Page('stringtemplateinvocation',resource);
However, I have not tried to elaborate this so far. Shall I post it when
i have a useable example?


On Sat, 2009-11-28 at 14:14 +0100, Johannes Lichtenberger wrote:
> > It is now a bit hard to keep everything consistent, as there are
> still
> > changes made in the interfaces.
> Hm, it can't find alpha-2 (it really seems to be alpha-2 specific --
> and it isn't
> released)
> and I'm not sure how to integrate the trunk version with maven. I've
> used the mvn commands described uhm somewhere (for mysite, myparent,
> mysample und mywebapp)... 
> Downloading:
> [INFO] Unable to find resource 

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