Hi everyone,

Sebastian here, one of the students working on cocoon-profiling. We are about to build a suitable data structure for the profiling data, and we are now facing the problem that a lot of data we store is redundant. This is because some of our aspects are very generic and intercept calls of the same object (e.g. a PipelineComponent) several times, storing the same information in several ProfilingData objects. I see no way to make the aspects more specific, since we have no information which
servlets, sitemaps and pipeline components might be used and which methods are called.

Measuring the runtime of servlets, sitemaps and pipeline components is now done at a method basis, which means that we have accurate data on the runtime of the intercepted methods, but no data on the runtime (lifetime) of a specific servlet or pipeline component.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know!