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From Dariusz Ɓuksza <>
Subject [c3-monitoring] Overview of Servlet-Services
Date Sun, 31 May 2009 21:10:04 GMT
Hi all,

Now I'm moving to next task, with would be implementation of
Servlet-Services overview.

I'm thtinking that it would be very nice if we can have separate MBean
instance for each Servlet-Service that would be contacting data only
for that single Servlet-Service. I'm pretty sure that I've spot
somewhere how to done it using Spring ... but now I can't remembe how
to done it ... and even worst, I can't remember how and where I found
it :|

Maybe you can help me ?

The main idea is to have separate configuration for monitoring beans
that don't interfere in other parts of Cocoon 3. That "magic
configuration" should made new instance of ServiceServletMonitoring
MBean for each initialized Service-Servlet.

Have you Any ideas how to achieve that ?

Best regards


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