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From Dariusz Łuksza <>
Subject Re: [c3-monitoring] Logging reconfiguration.
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 08:37:11 GMT
2009/5/5 Dariusz Łuksza <>:
> I think that I'll tomorrow switch to SVN and I'll resend patches ...

OK, I switch to SVN and now I can provide TortoiseSVN compatible patches ;)

I've already notice that you somehow apply my first patch from jira, I
hope  that it wasn't relay hard to do that ;)

In attach is a preview patch of logging configuration (generated by
svn ;)). In few next days I'll provide rest of logging reconfiguration
feature, it will be "reloading configuration file". I think that there
would be two methods for that, one for properties and one for XML
file. Before load that file in to log4j there would be some
validation. First it would be a simple validation that would check
that configuration file exist and is readable if everything goes OK,
next would be more complex specialized for properties like files and
XML files.

For properties files it would check, that at least one appender is
defined. I don't know that it is enough for prevent of having log4j

Validation of XML files would be more simple because it would be check
that configuration matches to log4j XML configuration schema.

Any more ideas ?

BTW. Greetings from Kraków and GeeCON ;) ... Maybe someone form Cocoon
community is also here ?

Best regards


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