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From Christoph Leiter <>
Subject Re: cocoon profiling
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 11:51:56 GMT

Sebastian Rosensteiner wrote:
> Sebastian here, one of the students working on cocoon-profiling. We are 
> about to build a suitable data structure for the profiling data, and we 
> are now facing the problem that a lot of data we store is redundant. 
> This is because some of our aspects are very generic and intercept calls 
> of the same object (e.g. a PipelineComponent) several times, storing the 
> same information in several ProfilingData objects. I see no way to make 
> the aspects more specific, since we have no information which servlets, 
> sitemaps and pipeline components might be used and which methods are called.
> Measuring the runtime of servlets, sitemaps and pipeline components is 
> now done at a method basis, which means that we have accurate data on 
> the runtime of the intercepted methods, but no data on the runtime 
> (lifetime) of a specific servlet or pipeline component.

this may sound a bit confusing to everyone not that much involved in 
this subproject.  But we are trying to get our code into trunk.  As soon 
as our initial patch [1] gets applied (Reinhard?) we'll provide a second 
patch with actual code so you guys have a better understanding of what 
we are talking about.  I hope some really interesting discussions can 
start from there. :)



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