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From Dariusz Ɓuksza <>
Subject [c3-monitoring] Logging reconfiguration.
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 17:52:17 GMT
Hi all,

I'm actually starting work on my GSoC project so in near feature you
will be getting a lot of spam from me and Jira ;)

First goal that I want to achieve is logging reconfiguration (I'm sure
that you all ready notice corresponding with it mail from Jira).

I've all read attach small patch to jira issue that adds
cocoon-monitoring module but I have also one question connected with
this patch.

I'm not quite sure what should I do witch "old"
cocoon-configuration-api and cocoon-spring-configurator. Should I :
 [1] add dependency to cocoon-monitoring on cocoon-configuration-api
or cocoon-spring-configurator,
 [2] create another solution based on cocoon-spring-configurator
 [3] integrate both project and add it to c3

I've  notice that now in c3 there no division between api and it's
implementation, so I think that first approach wouldn't be good. IMHO
the best solution would be implementing logging reconfiguration from
scratch based on code from cocoon-spring-configurator.

I'm looking froward for yours advices and opinions ;)
Best regards


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