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From Andreas Pinter <>
Subject Re: [c3] Cocoon 3 Profiling student project
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:57:21 GMT
Hello there,

I'm one of the six students working on the cocoon-profiling project[1].
Here is a short list of the participating students:
     - Michael Handler
     - Christoph Leiter
     - Benedict Leskovar
     - Andreas Pinter
     - Sebastian Rosensteiner
     - Stephan Teuschl

We study at Vienna University of Technology [2] (in different graduate 
and postgraduate programs) and participating in an open source project 
is new to us, so we'll appreciate any help  :)
Until now we spent our time on learning different technologies, which 
might be useful during the project. Here is a short list:

- Spring (AOP)
Reinhard and Steven suggested us to use Aspect orientated programming
for implementing a profiling tool. Because none of us have used AOP
before we needed to learn it some way. We decided to do so by
implementing our own little java project which used AOP (nothing
special). We can provide this project, but i don't think it is very
Additionally we had a look on Java TheadLocal, since we aim to provide a 
profile of a cocoon servlet request, including calls of sitemap, 
pipelines and the data processed. ThreadLocal allows us to identify 
threads and distinguish multiple servlet requests from each other.

- LifeCycle inside Cocoon
The ability to add aspects to keep track of information is a great first
step, but seems useless if we don't know where to look for the wanted
information. So we read through the current SVN coccon3 code to draw a
sequence diagram, which shows the working process of cocoon3 (not in too
much detail of course).
This diagram is going to be available in the wiki.
- Samples for Coccon
The last thing to know about cocoon seams to be "how do I use it".
So we built some small samples; e.g. our own servlet, a log node, ..

We are currently at a state where we understand the general
idea of cocoon and its components (speaking of pipeline/sitemap/servlet).
So we started to create a seperate module (in the university-provided
SVN) and added our first aspect. (which is just writing to the log)

We have built a wiki page[3] to summarize our ideas, problems, work, ...

Please let us know if you have any questions or - even better -
suggestions  for a cocoon-profiling module.

-- Andreas




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