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From Lahiru Samarakoon <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 3 monitoring
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 11:09:59 GMT
Hi Reinhard,

thanks you very much for the reply and nice to meet you!

I have checkout the Cocoon, built it and integrate in with the IDE. I have
gone through the Spring reference which describes the support for JMX.

What I have understand according to my knowledge is described below alone
with the project description [1].  Please correct me if I am wrong*.*  I
have also pointed out the unclear sections of the project description,
please help me to understand them.


*Enable JMX monitoring for Cocoon 3 web applications*

The goal of  this project is to enable JMX monitoring for web applications
which uses Cocoon 3 for their functionalities. So the users (developers who
use Cocoon 3) will be able to monitor how Cocoon executes a particular task
and different states in the cocoon execution.*

   - *inspect the content of the used pipeline caches (cache keys, content)*

pipelines and caches must be registered as Mbeans using Spring-JMX. In order
to do that refactoring of the         cocoon-pipeline module might be
required. (May be this can be achieved only by introducing a "beans.xml"
for the module).

   - *be able remove cache entries or clear the whole cache (there might be
   more than one cache configured!)*

Methods and Attributes which are relevant to achieve above functionalities
should be presented to the Management Interface.(Annotations like
@ManagedOperation and @ManagedAttribute can be used.)

   - *get an overview of all available Servlet-Services (Spring beans),
   their connections and their mount-points*

cocoon-servelet module must be changed according to the content of the
overview for spring/jmx.

Could you please explain more about  connections and mount-points?

   - *get an overview of all other Spring beans*

To accomplish this functionality, Is it required to configure all modules in
cocoon according to the Spring/JMX ?
If not, Could you explain more about this requirement?

   - *inspect all settings*

I think that satisfying the previous requirement will satisfy this

   - *inspect and reconfigure the logging settings (log4j)*

I think this is about the implementation of the ability to change the log4j
levels of the running application (or cocoon content of the application) by
the Management Interface.

But, could you please explain me about the way log4j works in Cocoon 3?
Because, I am confused at that point. Because, In some modules apache
commons logging is used. Is this requirement is valid only for the cocoon
web applications which are using log4j?  (According to the project goal what
matters in the end is the web application).

   - *A separate module that exposes the described functionality via MBeans
   and works with JConsole.*

I think what "Apache Activemq" has for their services is a similar
implementation for what is required by Cocoon 3 here. After  the project
requirement is finished we can even add a web module as activemq offers
since their 5.0 release.

   - *It might be necessary to refactor the pipeline caching infrastructure
   in order to expose the required data and to be able to delete cache entries


   - *It might be necessary to enhance the Cocoon Spring Configurator in
   order to support a reconfiguration of the logging framework.*

Does Cocoon 3 uses the Spring *Configurator *of the earlies releases?
What should I refer to understand more about the Spring Configurator?

For the demo, Is it sufficient If I develop a Spring/JMX example which is
not related to Cocoon? If not could you tell where to look for more details
about the Cocoon 3 Implementation.

Thanks & Regards,

Lahiru Thilina Samarakoon
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Moratuwa
Mobile: 0773382138

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