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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 3 monitoring
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 12:49:08 GMT
Yoann Archambault wrote:
> Hi!
> I can give you this one answer:
> cocoon spring configurator and a couple other blocks such as cocoon xml
> and block deployement currently used are pre-v3 and can be found in the
> same SVN repository under

The 'Servlet-Service Framework', the 'Spring Configurator', the 'Block
Deployer' and 'JNet' have been developed for Cocoon 2.2 but Cocoon 3 has
also been put on top of those modules. Hence they are in
./trunk/subprojects which acutally should become
../asf/cocoon/subprojects instead.


> And i have to say, speaking as someone who is starting with cocoon3,
> these features would be right on mark to speed up the learning curve,
> not to mention debugging!
> my two cents...
> Yoann
> On Tue, 2009-03-24 at 17:09 +0600, Lahiru Samarakoon wrote:
>> Hi Reinhard,
>> thanks you very much for the reply and nice to meet you!
>> I have checkout the Cocoon, built it and integrate in with the IDE. I
>> have gone through the Spring reference which describes the support for
>> JMX. 
>> What I have understand according to my knowledge is described below
>> alone with the project description [1].  Please correct me if I am
>> wrong.  I have also pointed out the unclear sections of the project
>> description, please help me to understand them.
>> Goal
>> Enable JMX monitoring for Cocoon 3 web applications
>> The goal of  this project is to enable JMX monitoring for web
>> applications which uses Cocoon 3 for their functionalities. So the
>> users (developers who use Cocoon 3) will be able to monitor how Cocoon
>> executes a particular task and different states in the cocoon
>> execution.
>> Description
>>       * inspect the content of the used pipeline caches (cache keys,
>>         content)
>> pipelines and caches must be registered as Mbeans using Spring-JMX. In
>> order to do that refactoring of the         cocoon-pipeline module
>> might be required. (May be this can be achieved only by introducing a
>> "beans.xml" file 
>> for the module).
>>       * be able remove cache entries or clear the whole cache (there
>>         might be more than one cache configured!)
>> Methods and Attributes which are relevant to achieve above
>> functionalities should be presented to the Management
>> Interface.(Annotations like @ManagedResource, @ManagedOperation and
>> @ManagedAttribute can be used.)
>>       * get an overview of all available Servlet-Services (Spring
>>         beans), their connections and their mount-points
>> cocoon-servelet module must be changed according to the content of the
>> overview for spring/jmx. 
>> Could you please explain more about  connections and mount-points?   
>>       * get an overview of all other Spring beans
>> To accomplish this functionality, Is it required to configure all
>> modules in cocoon according to the Spring/JMX ?
>> If not, Could you explain more about this requirement?
>>       * inspect all settings
>> I think that satisfying the previous requirement will satisfy this
>> requirement.(?)
>>       * inspect and reconfigure the logging settings (log4j)
>> I think this is about the implementation of the ability to change the
>> log4j levels of the running application (or cocoon content of the
>> application) by the Management Interface.
>> But, could you please explain me about the way log4j works in Cocoon
>> 3? Because, I am confused at that point. Because, In some modules
>> apache commons logging is used. Is this requirement is valid only for
>> the cocoon web applications which are using log4j?  (According to the
>> project goal what matters in the end is the web application). 
>> Deliverables
>>       * A separate module that exposes the described functionality via
>>         MBeans and works with JConsole.
>> I think what "Apache Activemq" has for their services is a similar
>> implementation for what is required by Cocoon 3 here. After  the
>> project requirement is finished we can even add a web module as
>> activemq offers since their 5.0 release.
>>       * It might be necessary to refactor the pipeline caching
>>         infrastructure in order to expose the required data and to be
>>         able to delete cache entries
>> Understood.
>>       * It might be necessary to enhance the Cocoon Spring
>>         Configurator in order to support a reconfiguration of the
>>         logging framework.
>> Does Cocoon 3 uses the Spring Configurator of the earlies releases?
>> What should I refer to understand more about the Spring Configurator?
>> For the demo, Is it sufficient If I develop a Spring/JMX example which
>> is not related to Cocoon? If not could you tell where to look for more
>> details about the Cocoon 3 Implementation.
>> [1]
>> -- 
>> Thanks & Regards, 
>> Lahiru Thilina Samarakoon
>> Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
>> University of Moratuwa
>> Mobile: 0773382138

Reinhard Pötz                           Managing Director, {Indoqa} GmbH

Member of the Apache Software Foundation
Apache Cocoon Committer, PMC member        

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