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From Benjamin Boksa <>
Subject Bug in Cocoon Spring Configurator 2.0 (!?)
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:33:07 GMT
Hi List,

attached is a reproducible error I get when using the Cocoon Spring  
Configurator 2.0 in "stand-alone" mode. The idea is to use the  
configurator to implement a kind of ServiceLocator which internally  
uses Spring and hides away the implementation details from the user  
(let me know if this is completely bullshit…). It uses its own  
configuration directories (META-INF/foo-service/{spring,properties})  
to not get any conflicts with "standard" cocoon locations.

Nevertheless here is the procedure to reproduce the error that drives  
me mad:

1. Expand the attached file and change to the "configurator-test"- 
2. run "mvn test" (you will see that two Strings ("Hello" and "Har  
Har") are printed, where "Har Har" is configured using a  
PropertyPlaceholder - this is the expected behaviour)
3. run "mvn install" to install the configurator-test artifact to you  
local repository (don't forget to delete it later)
4. change to the test directory (cd ../test)
5. run mvn jetty:run
6. Open you browser and go to http://localhost:8888/test/spring-bean
7. BOOOM! You will see a "BeanDefinitionStoreException: Could not  
resolve placeholder 'test.text'" - which works fine in step 2

This leads me to the assumption that /META-INF/foo-service/spring/ 
foo.xml from configurator-test is read correctly but the Spring  
Configurator somehow fails to read /META-INF/foo-service/properties/…

If you need further information let me know about it - if I did  
something wrong please let me know. I would be glad if you could  
actually help me to fix this error as I can't imagine another solution  
for my problem.

Please help me and let me know if I should file a bug report. Thanks  
in advance


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