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From Andreas Pieber <>
Subject Re: [C3] Refactoring the SAX module
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2009 06:38:28 GMT
On Wednesday 18 February 2009 23:51:49 Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> I don't know if there is a right or wrong for this case. IMO we can only
> judge on our personal experiences and tastes on what we think that good
> software should look like. So yes, more opinions would be highly
> appreciated.

Hi all,

Carsten and I have already a discussion on this topic. Now since there's a 
patch available I took a close look at I'm still not too happy with the idea.

* As far as I could see the only simplification which was done by this patch 
was to remove the SAXConsumerAdapter, but therefore you needed to introduce 
the SAXPipe class.

* IMHO the readability of the code is reduced (a little bit) at some places, 
since SAXConsumer was much clearer than ContentHandler (ok, a very minor 

* I still cannot see THE advantage of removing SC and SP. I took a look at my 
SAX-StAX transformer but nothing changed or became easier. Ok, I do not need a 
reference to cocoon-sax but still to cocoon. And since this is an optional 
reference and you required the cocoon-sax component if you want to use these 
classes (the SAX-StAX Transformer) it does not hurt (I mean it make no sense 
to transform StAX to SAX if there are no SAX components :) ). Beside of that I 
can't see why it should make things easier. Instead of removing SC and SP I'll 
like to see another Interface SAXTransformer, but thats another topic :)

Finally, to sum it up, there are, IMHO not too many interfaces in cocoon. I 
think the cocoon-components have a very clear and structured architecture at 
the moment. IMHO a general cleanup of the SAX-components and a good component-
documentation would help users more than reducing the interface hierarchy. 
This was at least the feeling we (me and the other students working on cocoon-
stax) had as we started with cocoon (I know, also a personal taste). Further 
more I simply can't see THE advantage of removing SC and SP. Maybe an common 
example which is very nasty to handle with SC and SP but very easy with 
Producer and ContentHandler would be nice?


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