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From Andreas Pieber <>
Subject Re: [RT] C3: Cleaning up SAX module
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 03:58:46 GMT
On Monday 02 February 2009 17:51:25 Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > and just weaken the conditions. The
> > components simply check for an ContentHandler/LexicalHandler as they
> > require. With this approach you let the decision to the developer if he
> > like to simply inherit from the X-Interfaces and has an
> > SAXPipelineComponent, a ContentHandler and so on at once or do it on his
> > own. WDYT about this approach?
> Hmm, not sure :) Seems like a wrong compromise to me :) Either we really
> want these interfaces for symmetrical reasons (which I think is not
> worth doing it and given the different between the formats itself
> doesn't help) or if we want the simplest approach for each type (xml,
> dom, stax). I would vote for the second approach.

I'm still the opinion that it may help newcomers to jump into cocoon if they 
find a common interface-structure between all components. But on the other 
hand a newcomer would work with the AbstractTransformers (mostly) and not 
directly with COMPONENT-Producer/COMPONENT-Consumer...

Finally all my counter arguments for removing SAXC/SAXP are said and 
discussed. I still like them but I've no problems with removing them :) . If 
nobody else has any problems with it we could continue at

Thank you Carsten for taking the time to discuss this topic with me.


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