Hi Raffaele,

we have a similar setup running at our customers site with over 6500 users and we are using apache mod_jk for loadbalancing and tomcat 6 as appserver on linux with mysql on aix.
our software stack includes:
- cocoon 2.1.10
- hibernate 3
- spring 2.5.

There are a number of issues you have to consider in order to get this to work:

a) turn on stickysession in your loadbalancer, if you are using cocoon continuations (like being used in cforms), because then http sessions can not be replicated accross cluster nodes! (the continuation enriched http session is not serializable anylonger...)
b) turn on cache replication for the hibernate second level cache. if you are using ehcache, it is possible with latest version. however we had to tweak the configuration a bit that it worked finally.  if you don't manage to get it work, turn off second level cache or turn it only on at those tables where there are almost no write operations.



Mika Lehtonen <mika@digikartta.net>

14.01.2009 15:25
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Re: Cluster Cocoon 2.1.9 Applications


- mika -

Merico Raffaele kirjoitti:
> Dear Community
> We have a several Cocoon applications consisting of:
> - Cocoon 2.1.9
> - Hibernate
> - MySql
> - Tomcat
> and running on dedicated Linux servers.
> In order to get a perfect failover situation we would like to setup a
> cluster.
> Tomcat is not a must and could be replaced with Jboss, since Jboss
> seems to support clustering.
> But we don’t have the experience if Cocoon 2.1.9 applications can be
> run with Jboss!?
> Now we are looking for people that have the experience and the know
> how to setup such a cluster.
> Any experience, any advice or interest to setup such a cluster would
> be much appreciated.
> For your feedback many thanks in advance, Raffaele

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