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From Steven Dolg <>
Subject Re: [C3] Pipeline component event types
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 20:12:52 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski schrieb:
> Reinhard Pötz pisze:
>> My assumption is that the developer that uses the pipeline knows what he
>> does.
> This is rather good assumption. The problem I can see is that developer has to check
sources of each component in order
> to know what he does as components type does not express what kind of output particular
component produces.
> Or am I missing something?
>>>> How component can be sure that next component (its consumer) is the one
>>>> that accepts right type of events? By checking using instanceof?
>>>> My point is that once we agree to have generic pipelines that can take
>>>> components accepting/producing any kind of events then we need to invent
>>>> some mechanism that check if pipeline is built correctly. It shouldn't
>>>> be a concern of a given component.
>>>> If we agree on above point, then my suggestion would be to look for a
>>>> way that pipeline-correctness is ensured by compiler.
>> I don't see any way to express this kind of check with Java and AFAICS
>> your experiments haven't been successful either.
> It depends how you define being successful. I've managed to express this rather simple
idea but the code is horrible
> thus I consider it as a failure.
Well cleaning up working code cannot be that hard - you haven't invested 
years of time, have you ;-)
> You probably haven't had a chance to look at my code due to broken GitHub. My question
is if there is someone more
> clever than me that could come up with something more elegant.
> The check we are discussing is assured by Pipeline interface (look at modified addComponent

That adding a component actually returns a different pipeline is an 
interesting approach but I'm not sure I want to declare a new variable 
for each of the new pipelines.
And method chaining is not really me idea of readable code.

Also I'm wondering what return type a SAXSerializer would have or what 
event types SAX uses.
Are those event types just for the compiler or are they actually used to 
pass the data around?


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