Hello Folks,

we recently stumbled accross an issue with character encoding inside our cforms/ajax (cocoon 2.1.10 AND cocoon 2.2) forms with firefox 3. As advised in different sources we have correctly set the bindEncoding property of the djConfig global variable to 'utf-8' at the very beginning of our html/template code.

however we are not able to submit special characters like '' correctly to the server. With older firefox versions we did not have the problems, also internet explorer works perfectly (IE6, IE7, IE8Beta...)

Our code inside our custom cforms-styling stylesheet:

<script>djConfig = { bindEncoding: "utf-8" };</script>

I suspect this is a problem with the older dojo versions together with Firefox 3, can anyone confirm this?

An interesting finding we made is, that by setting dojo property 'parseWidgets' to false, you can actually fix the character enconding problem. however then the ajax feature of cforms does not work anylonger....  So it looks like that it has something to do with dojo's widget functionality which is incompatible with firefox3 in terms of character enconding.

Thanx for your advise in advance,


Mag. Gabriel Gruber
Senior Consultant
Workflow EDV GmbH, Dannebergplatz 6/23, A-1030 Wien