Hello All,


This is my first post to the list and I hope someone could light my way out J.


I’ve developed a java package (Program) that accepts XML document as a string or from URL, and convert the XML document to HTML/XHTML/WML/CHTML according to the connected useragent in a way similar to WALL ( Based on WURFL ), actually it is an update to wall tags.


The Library API accepts XML document in a string or URL format (which returns XML document), and an HTTPServletRequest or PageContext and either returns a HTTPServletResponse or directly write the ouput markup to the page context.


What I need to do is developing a new cocoon Serializer called WALL to work with my package. My Idea is to fetch XML from a source generator, transform it using XSLT to my XML defined tags, pass it to the Developed serializer for converting the XML and setting the document content type and generating the text output.


I’m ready to contribute my source code to anybody who help me or may benefit from this serializer later. Also I want to use cocoon 2.1.11 as this is the one I’m using for production now.


Best Regards,

Remon Magdy