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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: NPE in AbstractCachingProcessingPipeline when called from a Cron job
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2008 22:49:28 GMT
Hi Joerg,

Joerg Heinicke schrieb:
> Andreas Hartmann wrote:
>> Hi Cocoon devs,
>> I'm using the current head of the Cocoon 2.1.x branch.
>> When calling a pipeline from a ServiceableCronJob, I'm getting the 
>> following exception:


>> When called from the cron job, the values for both keys – 
>> Just a random thought: Since the BackgroundEnvironment initializes the 
>> CommandLineRequest, would it make sense to set the value for the 
>> CLI_REQUEST_ID in the object model too?
> Isn't that the same problem Thorsten had [1]?

> [1]

thanks for the pointer!

Having read the thread, I guess my patch will be dangerous because 
multiple concurrent background requests (which, in contast to command 
line requests, can occur) would lock on the same object.

Maybe we'd have to introduce a dedicated BackgroundRequest which 
supports multiple concurrent threads?

-- Andreas

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