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From Michael Seydl <>
Subject [C3] StAX research reveiled!
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2008 09:52:04 GMT
Hi all!

One more mail for the student group! Behind this lurid topic hides our 
evaluation of the latest XML processing technologies regarding their 
usability in Cocoon3 (especially if there are suited to be used in a 
streaming pipeline).
As it's commonly know we decided to use StAX as our weapon of choice to 
do the XML, but this paper should explain the whys and hows and 
especially the way we took to come to our decision, which resulted in 
using the very same API.
Eleven pages should be a to big read and it contains all necessary links 
to all the APIs we evaluated and also line wise our two cents about the 
API we observed. Concludingly we also tried to show the difference 
between the currently used SAX and the of us proposed StAX API.

I hope this work sheds some light on our decision making and taking and 
that someone dares to read it.

That's from me, I wish you all a pleasant and very merry Christmas!

Michael Seydl

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