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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Where is Cocoon 3 going to?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 01:39:01 GMT
Simone Tripodi wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm the younger person - in therms of cocoon's experience - who
> recently joined Reinhard and Steven in their enthusiasm about Cocoon3.
> Please let me spend my 0.2??? too, feel free moving this email in the
> spam or trash box :)

Thanks for your comments. Very important.

> Just a prelude: I've never experienced using oldest Cocoon's release,
> but months ago, while I was working on an important OpenID provider
> (for the biggest Italian Telecommunication company), I had the need to
> generate , manipulate, validate, transform and serialize large XML
> data set in various format.
> So I felt the need to use a solid framework able to help me in a quick
> and clear way... so, the miracle happened when I found "accidentally"
> the Reinhard's blog.
> My first word was just a "wow!", so I wrote an email to him. I was
> totally charmed, not only about Cocoon, but above all the
> collaborative way that both Reinhard and Steven demonstrated in
> explaining me how the new Cocoon works, helping me in adopting it in
> the way to resolve my problems and involving me in the development,
> exhorting me in "bombing" the Issue Tracker :)

It would be better if we all heard those explanations
here on the dev list.

> Starting from that time, I've been evangelizing new Pipeline APIs, our
> customer are satisfied by the product we developed on top of them...
> and finally, also some friend of mine started being Cocoon3's users.
> Everybody agree that's a nice framework with - more important - an
> excellent community behind.

Please encourage your collaborators to join us.


> So, in my humble opinion, Cocoon3 has sense to exist. I like it, I
> adore it, it resolved my problems and makes me enthusiastic. Reinhard
> is a great leader, and Steven an excellent guide, and this justifies -
> at least, for me - that Cocoon3's community MUST exist. I'm sure
> there's someone that, like me, one day will need joining this great
> community.
> Best regards, sorry for the spam :)
> Simone

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