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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject Problems with JavaFlow
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2008 12:52:52 GMT


I am currently writing a documentation of how to setup an Environment to
build Cocoon 2.2 application using Cocoon 2.2, JavaFlow and CForms.
Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the current JavaFlow
implementation. I thought this was my problem, so I did a completely clean
build of cocoon and, step by step did everything again. The result was the


Whenever I call a pipeline to generate a Form this form is correctly
displayed, but in the background my Eclipse console (and the cocoon log)
tell me "Pipeline has already been processed for this request". When doing a
little debugging I found out that this is caused by the sendPageAndWait
method. This instantaneously returns and doesn't block. When debugging into
the JavaFlow code, it seems that usually (when debugging older versions of
the JavaFlow in Cocoon 2.1) the "Continuation.suspend()" call would freeze
until the page is submitted - not anymore. I have noticed that there seems
to have been a change in the Apache-Javaflow project, since I needed to
manually build and install this to be able to build the cocoon-javaflow
block. This build no longer requires tweaking of Testcases to build, so I
guess they have changed something. After having a look at the svn-log I
could read that they seem to have changed the default Byte-Code manipulation
engine from BCEL to ASM . but I really doubt, this should be causing the
fundamental Continuation.suspend() call to fail, unless there has to be some
more setting up to do now. I think I have to dig into this a little more,
but at the moment I would suggest that the bytecode manipulataion needed for
JavaFlow is simply not executed.


For the moment I seem to be stuck here . any help is greatly appreciated.
For the moment I am completely suck here L



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