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From 黄海冬公司邮箱 <>
Subject Re: How to get spring beans with Cocoon Template 1.0?
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 03:43:44 GMT
Hi,Thorsten Scherler

There's many reasons to do this in template,But the MOST IMPORTANT IS it's
quick and don't need to write java so it does not need to restart server.For
a developer who just know spring and common java,it's not easy to implement
cocoon's interface or any other specify interface even they are open source.
I am the only one who really understand cocoon in my entire group,the other
developers only follow my deployment guide to do the copy&paste&edit
work.Java?they only write the common java bean.

The complains above is about one problem:Cocoon is not so popular just like
Spring or even Hibernate(at least many people knows what it is),that many
java developers will study and undersand.So even better or great cocoon
implement exist ,much fewer people know.I admit it is not a good solution,my
groups also complain why then can't just add code in common java but in a
xml file,but the reality is it's the best way for the project now.

BTW,I think the better way to do this is to get appctx in flowscript and
send it to template with sendPage(url,{"appctx":attctx});


Roy Huang

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