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From "lingerer huang" <>
Subject Re: Very early 2.1.12-dojo1_1-dev committed
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 06:48:27 GMT


The encoding problem is not under Debut for all my using browser. I guest
you had little chance to use Eastern language character.

I change the setting but I found another ajax encoding problem:
When I add a i18n file into ajax block for zh_cn,the upload progress bar
show error encoding too. I'm not sure how this problem occur check the
server response is sending the correct UTF-8 encoding xml.
I am not sure this problem is cause by my modified or exists in the old code
 I didn't have time to check the problem cause my project schedule is
killing me now. So I suggest you can just keep the old encoding code and I
can try to find it later, by now my modified can fit my request.

For this dev version, I will put it into production enviroment,it works fine
so far.But I guest the html editor and other unimplemented feature is what
you should focus.For that reason, may be upgrade to dojo 1.2 is important.

But the way, My guys really don't like your form widget style design ,the
90% style makes the Chinese character in the input box looks really ugly.
but this is not your problem and is not you can foresee,so I will just
modified by myself for my project.


Roy Huang

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