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From Robin Wyles <>
Subject Servlet protocol and internal pipelines
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 10:14:53 GMT

Apologies for posting on the dev list, but I've been asking this for  
a while on users and am still searching for an answer (I'm kind of  
desperate now!)....

In the default sitemap generated with the block archetype there is a  
pipeline as follows:

<map:pipeline id="internal-resource" internal-only="true">
       <!-- Put matchers for internal (accessible only to Cocoon  
blocks) resources here
         More details: 
site-main/g2/1345.html -->
       <map:match pattern="resource/internal/**">
         <map:read src="resource/internal/{1}"/>

On the docs page linked to above it states that blocks may have  
"internal resources that are accessible to other block via servlet:  
protocol". However, from my tests it seems that internal-only  
pipelines are still not accessible via the servlet protocol. So, out  
of the box any matchers placed in the above pipeline result in a  
SourceNotFoundException when accessed via the servlet protocol.

Can any devs please confirm whether:

1. Internal pipelines *should* be accessible via the servlet protocol.

2. Internal pipelines *are* accessible via the servlet protocol.

If 1 is true and 2 is false then I'm very surprised that this hasn't  
been bought up before on the user list as it seems to contradict the  
documentation and also severely limit the usefulness of the servlet  
protocol - I can't believe we're supposed to leave our SSF only  
pipelines accessible to the world at large! I have a test block here  
that demonstrates the issue if anyone is interested...

Many thanks,


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