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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Servlet protocol and internal pipelines
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 23:21:05 GMT
Robin Wyles pisze:
> Hi,
> Apologies for posting on the dev list, but I've been asking this for a
> while on users and am still searching for an answer (I'm kind of
> desperate now!)....

Sorry for not responding on users mailing list. I've been offline for some time and didn't
have a
touch with a project.

> In the default sitemap generated with the block archetype there is a
> pipeline as follows:
> <map:pipeline id="internal-resource" internal-only="true">
>       <!-- Put matchers for internal (accessible only to Cocoon blocks)
> resources here
>         More details:
> -->
>       <map:match pattern="resource/internal/**">
>         <map:read src="resource/internal/{1}"/>
>       </map:match>
>  </map:pipeline>
> On the docs page linked to above it states that blocks may have
> "internal resources that are accessible to other block via servlet:
> protocol". However, from my tests it seems that internal-only pipelines
> are still not accessible via the servlet protocol. So, out of the box
> any matchers placed in the above pipeline result in a
> SourceNotFoundException when accessed via the servlet protocol.
> Can any devs please confirm whether:
> 1. Internal pipelines *should* be accessible via the servlet protocol.

Yes, it should be.

> 2. Internal pipelines *are* accessible via the servlet protocol.

No they aren't.

> If 1 is true and 2 is false then I'm very surprised that this hasn't
> been bought up before on the user list as it seems to contradict the
> documentation and also severely limit the usefulness of the servlet
> protocol - I can't believe we're supposed to leave our SSF only
> pipelines accessible to the world at large! I have a test block here
> that demonstrates the issue if anyone is interested...

Actually, I've been aware of this problem for a long time but never got myself to fix it,
which is a
shame, of course.

The thing is about SSF's design, it's really designed such a way that request coming from
SSF looks
very the same way as it was coming from an external client (like browser). That's been done
purpose in order to avoid any hidden dependencies between SSF and Cocoon's core.

As a consequence of this design, there is no way how sitemap processor can allow requests
from SSF to access internal-only pipelines.

When it comes to documentation, it was written before the actual implementation was made and
on the whole issue has been forgotten.

I don't recall the proposal for implementing this functionality but probably the simplest
approach would be to introduce common contract that both sides (SSF and Cocoon's Core) agree
follow but the one that does not introduce any hard dependencies on each other. This leaves
implementing special interface (indicator) out of consideration.
Nevertheless, SSF could still indicate that coming request is performed internally by adding
special request attribute. This might be a potential security hole so I would classify such
solution a temporary one.

I believe implementing such a functionality on both SSF and Sitemap-engine sides would be
easy task and I'm willing to help with preparing the patch and applying it. I would require
a valid
test-case for it before it gets accepted.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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