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From "Simone Tripodi" <>
Subject Re: Test and verify Cocoon 3 alpha-1 release artifacts
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 16:22:30 GMT
Hi Reinhard,
first of all, please excuse me I'm late to reply to your mail... I've
been busy in some meeting with the customer and I was focused more on
providing patches :P
Notes follow inline

2008/10/22 <>:
> It took me a while but now I finished the creation of all release
> artifacts for a Cocoon 3 alpha-1 release. Since this is the initial
> creation of Maven artifacts and distribution files, I don't call for a
> vote at this point of time but rather want to wait for some feedback.
> I would like to ask you to check the release artifacts whether they meet
>  the legal requirements (checksums, pgp signatures, license files,
> notice files) of the ASF.

I noticed the 'doap' files are missing: they can be created by hand or
using the maven doap plugin:

I suggest you the second choice, maintaining 2 identical metadata sets
in 2 different formats could be a little confusing, in that way you're
sure the 'doap' is always 'synched' with the pom.

> Maven artifacts
> .......................................................................
> Maven artifacts are available at
> If you want to use Cocoon 3, add this location as an additional
> repository to your settings:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <settings xmlns=""
> xmlns:xsi=""
> xsi:schemaLocation="
>  <profiles>
>    <profile>
>      <id>cocoon-staging</id>
>      <repositories>
>        <repository>
>          <id>cocoon.staging</id>
>          <name>Cocoon staging repository</name>
>          <url></url>
>        </repository>
>      </repositories>
>      <pluginRepositories>
>        <pluginRepository>
>          <id>cocoon.staging</id>
>          <name>Cocoon staging repository</name>
>          <url></url>
>        </pluginRepository>
>      </pluginRepositories>
>    </profile>
> </settings>
> and use it: e.g.
> mvn install -P cocoon-staging

I removed all cocoon libraries from my local maven repository to start
from scratch, then I modified the settings.xml as you explained and
finally I created a new project, importing the pipeline and everything
worked fine. It seems the checksums have been retrieved correctly.

Best regards, I hope to hear you soon!

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