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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Very early 2.1.12-dojo1_1-dev committed
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 14:45:10 GMT
Hi Roy

On 21 Oct 2008, at 03:22, lingerer huang wrote:

> As most user and developer ,I am using Microsoft's OS,I am using  
> Windows'
> XP.
> But I do use many type of browsers like IE,firefox,google chrome.

The last time I had to debug MSIE issues with CForms was while  
developing the Upload/Progress stuff, it was difficult, the dev tools  
in MSIE were not as good as FireBug etc. Also I had to do it via VNC  
to a 'donated' machine, which is a real PIA.

So if there is anyone out there who could help work out what is going  
wrong with MSIE, it would be really appreciated !!

> I am just a dojo user not a developer, so debug dojo and apply some  
> patch is beyond me by now. But I will try to find the problem.

Your potential road to committership ?? ;-)

> Anyway, thanks your work and your reply, I think why you don't get  
> feedback
> is you didn't provide the svn url in your mail. I must checked the old
> archive mail to find the url when you start the work.

Doh !!

Thanks again

regards Jeremy

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