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From David Legg <>
Subject [C2.2] Why two sets of HTML serializers?
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 11:33:59 GMT
I've been examining the HTMLSerializer so that I can document it on Daisy.

Initially, I was confused about what config options could be used and 
then it dawned on me that there are actually two different 
implementations!  The default is to use:


but there is another one called:


I'm assuming that this second version is an attempt to move away from 
depending on Xalan for outputting HTML.  I also note that it makes life 
easier for users by implementing a 'doctype-default' config setting 
which takes 'strict', 'loose', 'frameset' or 'compatible' as values.

I've perused the developer mail archive and the svn log but not found 
anything about the background for this second implementation.  Could 
someone just confirm that I'm on the right track.  Is the intention to 
make the second implementation the default at some point?  What other 
advantages does this new version have?

David Legg

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