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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: Using Definition Lists in documents on Daisy?
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 23:32:17 GMT
Hi Grek,

>> Is it possible to use DL, DT and DD tags in the Daisy docs?

> I was planning to upgrade Daisy for a long time but it's certainly not an easy task.

I don't envy you at all.  No unkindness to Daisy, but I feel more 
comfortable with Hippo CMS now, running a C2.2 front end.

> Unfortunately, before we upgrade I don't have any good solution in mind.

No problem, I'll use... tables (gasp!) to structure things like 
configuration attributes.

Having updated a piece of documentation, I now realize how much work it 
is!  The Javadoc info is useful; but in places it requires a lot of 
editing before it becomes 'documentation'.

Some of the changes required include: -

    * A block's overview (including background history)
    * Configuration parameters (including how to configure it using a
      springbean and lists of mandatory or optional settings)
    * Differences between block versions.
    * Examples
    * Links to other related blocks if any.

It's a lot of work... but satisfying none-the-less.

David Legg

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