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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Request for editor role in cocoon documentation
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:49:46 GMT

i recently started with cocoon-2.2. I allready published a video screen 
cast about "setup and first steps",
which you can see at i plan to make more 
of these tutorials, but ...

Now, while i am stumbling through the cocoon-2.2 documentation, i notice 
many (out of date-) errors
and blank pages, where lack of documentation hearts a lot and distracts 
first time users/developers.
Now i slowly get pieces of the puzzle together with some help of members 
of the user/developer
comunities, and carefully reading through tons of emails and history ( 
quite time consuming stuff).

Right now i am willing to add some enhancements to the docs, hoping to 
help cocoon-2.2 to get away from
the "largly complex and only partialy documented genious work" more to 
the "highly flexible and well
documented practically usefull development tool", which i still believe 
it is... (You need to understand too many
basics before you can jump start, but if you get a good documentation at 
your side, you will master the beast
in much less time. and that's what counts (for me at least).

In that sense i would like to add some more "basic tutorials" to the page:

Currently i am working on something i call " 'Hello-flow, your first 

And of course i would love to see our current machinimatrix screen cast 
(and follow ups)
also published on the cocoon screeen casts page (if that is not too much 
to ask for)

to my person:

i am 48 years old, german resident (my name is missleading ;-) ), and a 
long term developer
(doing software since over 30 years now, working with java since 8 years).
I am running my own company "Saxess software design GmbH" in 
Cologne/Germany since 9 years now.
I have already been involved with cocoon 2.0 several years ago and i 
also did some (although not very much)
documentation work at that time.

I also am one of the Scarab-developers and have been working actively 
for about 2 years on that project, and
will get back to it by end of this year (due to another upcoming project 
in my queue).
Finally i am adicted to the idea of using virtual environments for 
commercial usage. One of my recent activities
was to setup a workflow for creating e-learning content based on 
machinima technology,  and that's why the
cocoon tutorial which i mentioned above uses an avatar and an advanced 
text to speach system ...

But now i want to use cocoon-2.2 (mainly because its spring based 
within at least 2 upcoming projects (one is allready running (out of 
time, uhhhh...), the other one will start next year
and will be another  long term project)

So, if you would give me editor permissions, i could jump start and add 
documentation as long as i my time allows it.

Hope to hear from you soon;

Hussayn Dabbous

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