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From Robin Wyles <>
Subject Re: Preparing the new dojo-rsrc build
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:00:17 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

On 8 Sep 2008, at 13:39, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> Hi All
> I am almost ready to start the commit of the new dojo 1.1.1 based  
> cforms to the Branch Grzegorz kindly setup.

Great! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

> The last issue I am trying to sort out is getting XDomain loading  
> working.
> i.e. having forms and ajax modules served by the local Cocoon  
> instance, while all dojo's js/css etc. is loaded from Google's Ajax  
> CDN :**
> If I can get XDomain loading to work, we have several different  
> possible scenarios available to us, I am interested in getting  
> feedback from you guys as to which ones are actually useful.
> 1) Loading Dojo from Google CDN is the default.
> 	dojo-rsrc.jar only contains a few static files required to support  
> Dojo in XD mode (a few K).
> 	If a user wants to load Dojo locally, they dl their own copy and
>         use the provided build scripts to make a replacement dojo- 
> rsrc.jar
> 2) Loading Dojo from Google CDN is the default, but we provide the  
> full dojo-rsrc.jar in the dist (4.7Meg).
> 	If a user wants to load Dojo locally, they add
>             <map:parameter name="dojo-use-cdn" value="false"/> to  
> their sitemap
> 3) Loading Dojo locally is the default
> 	We provide the full dojo-rsrc.jar in the dist (4.7Meg).
> 	If a user wants Dojo to load from CDN, they add
>             <map:parameter name="dojo-use-cdn" value="true"/> to  
> their sitemap
> I personally think that (1) has distinct advantages.
> Less code in our dist, very effective caching and serving of Dojo,  
> etc.
> NB. This is still a bit theoretical, as I do not have XDomain  
> loading working quite yet :(

By default I would prefer not to have to rely on an external service  
to run any part of my application, so with that in mind option 3  
seems most sensible to me. Also, I imagine option 1 would make  
development without a network connection difficult.

> n) The user wants a single JS file that contains everything needed  
> for one form:
> 	... not sure yet, but they'd probably use the build scripts to  
> make a 'layer' file
> 	having made a 'profile' to drive the build, which contains  
> references to
> 	all of the Widgets required in the form (a handy list appears at  
> the end of every cforms page)
> 	The User puts a <script src="myForm.js" . . . > in their Template
> Please let me know what you think.
> regards Jeremy


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