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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Very early 2.1.12-dojo1_1-dev committed
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 19:13:13 GMT
Dear All,

I have the great pleasure to announce that a *very* pre-alpha release  
of my re-working of the Ajax and CForms blocks for Dojo 1.1.1 has been  
committed to : BRANCH_2_1_X-dojo1_1.

Although there are no circumstances whatever in which you should use  
this for production (!!!!), you are heavily encouraged to check it out  
so that you may see the direction I hope cforms is going, criticise,  
contribute fixes, discuss changes, help document etc. etc.

You will find that a lot works already.
You will find lots of bugs, specially I hope, ones that I have not  
You will find an enormous number of 'TODO:'s in the code.
You will find design notes for un-implemented widgets if you want a go  

Lots and lots of stuff to do.

If you have any questions, suggestions, fixes, contributions etc. I  
would be really grateful if we could discuss them on the Dev list.

The scope of our Dojo Widgets, the APIs they are written to and the  
way they work has changed dramatically since Dojo 0.4.3, so please  
take your time to aquatint yourself with the code.

Apart from all of the bugs and omissions, the move to Dojo 1.1.1 is  
very transitory, Dojo 1.2 is expected out very soon. I do not know yet  
how it will effect what is done so far (that's what I am looking at  
next) but I know it is supposed to contain fixes for a few things that  
we want, that don't work in Dojo 1.1.1.

So please have a look, and provide feedback.

Many thanks

regards Jeremy

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