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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: [vote] Cocoon 3: Versioning, SVN, Maven, namespaces, issue tracking and CI
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 07:26:04 GMT
Joerg Heinicke schrieb:


>> -------------------------------
>> Corona currently uses three different namespaces in XML documents:
>> These namespaces are without a version number.
>> Since I don't see how version numbers could help, I propose
> I know I'm rather late ...
> Don't these version numbers just help in the same way as versioned jars 
> help? It's possible to signal additional functionality or 
> incompatibilities. Just look at the Spring framework.

IMO version numbers in namespaces do more harm than good. From a user's 
point of view it needs much concentration to avoid mistakes if more than 
one namespace is available for a particular markup. If the namespace 
changes when functionality is added (e.g., a document format becomes 
more expressive), it's not backwards compatible anymore, i.e. components 
handling the namespace have to be updated.

If the changes are not backwards-compatible:
In some cases additional markup can be used to express the version (like 
for instance the version attribute in XSLT). Where this is not possible, 
it might make sense to create a new meaningful namespace URI.

Just my $0.02, I'd be very interested in the opionions of others.

-- Andreas

Andreas Hartmann, CTO
BeCompany GmbH
Tel.: +41 (0) 43 818 57 01

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