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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: AW: CForms and Dojo
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:08:26 GMT

On 21 Aug 2008, at 11:42, Robin Wyles wrote:

> Many thanks for all your replies... seems there is some enthusiasm  
> for this after all! Once Jeremy's work is accessible somewhere I'd  
> be happy to help with any further work that needs to be done.
> Chris: I would love to see your xslt, just so I can see if my widget  
> in a repeater woes are solved by dojo 1.1.

The Repeater Widget in the new CForms has been completely re-written.
Widgets in Repeaters work well (of course :)

As a taster, here is some of the new functionality :

Repeaters gracefully upgrade from their simplest 'static' form  
(controlled via action buttons) up to full-blown drag and drop solely  
via configuration in the Model and Template. Lazy-loading of code  
ensures that only the Libs required for what you need are loaded.

Some of the features of DnD :
   Easy to control behaviour, enforced by the Model
   Select row(s) optionally without a visible select control
   Optional Select/Drag handles
   DnD single or multiple rows at a time
   Avatars of rows being dragged plus lots of visual feedback
   No longer any need for custom handlers in your form for DnD
   Control over allowing/enforcing copy or move within a Repeater or  
between Repeaters
   Control over what is allowed to be dragged from one Repeater to  
   Control copy/move, multi-select/deselect using typical meta-keys
   Extensive visual customisation via CSS

etc. etc.

NB. You should only need to edit the templates of existing projects'  
Repeaters if :
a) you were using the old DnD Widgets (where you specified the Dojo  
Widget in your Template, nasty)
b) you want to use the new behaviour

I hope you will find the new Repeater to be a really powerful addition  
to your webapps and I hope it was worth the wait ;)



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