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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: CForms and Dojo
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 14:32:32 GMT
Hi Grzegorz

On 21 Aug 2008, at 13:36, Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

> Hi Jeremy,
>>> Jeremy, I was thinking about this branch yesterday and I think you  
>>> should branch whole 2.1 and commit your work to your branch.
>> With your help, I'd be happy to do this.
> I've created a branch called "BRANCH_2_1_X-dojo1_1" based on latest  
> version of 2.1 branch. It's your sandbox now and you can safely play  
> around there without any risk of buildings someone's work or block  
> any releases.
> The URL for branch is:

Many thanks for this.

So, I am running client SVN version 1.4.4 (r25188).
Should I upgrade to 1.5 before accessing the new Branch?

>> Lets do it !!
>> I am getting really close to having all widgets re-written to Dojo  
>> 1.1.1 APIs, still not quite there yet.
>> But as it looks like I have some work coming up that will delay me  
>> further, this could be a good time to get it out.
> Actually, now it's very easy, just switch your checkout of Cocoon's  
> source code to the branch and commit your stuff there.
> Don't know which client for svn you are using, but from cmd line it  
> would be:
> svn switch
> (https is important here, of course)

Yes, thanks for the advice.

> I only have one ask to you:
> Could you try to commit as small changesets as possible (of course,  
> not to small)? The best situation would be if one commit reflects  
> one logical change (like migration of one widget to new API or  
> something like that). Rule would be that one commit is big enough to  
> not introduce intermediate states where state of branch is  
> completely broken. So half-baked commits are bad idea.
> On the other hand, single commit should not contain anything more  
> than is necessary to fulfill requirement outlined above.
> I ask you to split your work into smaller chunks because then it's  
> easier to merge things in the future and it's much easier to follow  
> your work and port it to trunk. However, I'm aware that when one is  
> doing heavy refactorings following this rules is not always possible.

I'll do my best.

I'll start to perform the commit, very carefully, over the next couple  
of days, and report back when I think it is ready for trying out.

> Last thing: descriptive commit messages. Even if that may sound  
> obvious, but they are really, really needed. ;-)
> This is especially a case when someone else must keep trunk in sync  
> with your work.

Of course

>> Apart from my dwindling list or re-writes, there will obviously be  
>> a big list of niggles and bugs to fix, specially as none of this is  
>> tested on MSIE.
> Here I hope that we can count on help of our community.

Me too :)

>> Cleaning up samples
>> Devising a good scheme for packaging code and i18n
>> Waiting for a slew of bug fixes that will come in Dojo 1.2
>> Implementing client-side validation based on cforms validators, not  
>> just datatypes (as I have now)
> Is the last item absolutely necessary for initial release?

No it is not.

And of course, a major item I left off the list, is updating the  
documentation ....

>> etc. etc.
>> There is still a lot to do, but once these last few widgets are  
>> written and all legacy samples work again, people will be able to  
>> run and use it, criticise, tweak, fix, meaning the slope should be  
>> downhill :)
> :)
>>> Robin, back to your question: I hope that once Jeremy publishes  
>>> his work we can all join our forces to push things forward. When  
>>> it comes to me, I can help with porting Jeremy's work from 2.1 to  
>>> trunk.
>> That would be great!!
> Even there is one caveat: for me September is going to be more or  
> less free month and I plan to not touch computer too much so I could  
> start with porting stuff to trunk in October.

Fine by me, enjoy September, I hope the weather is better than August  
has been !!

> Now, looking forward to your commits!

Many thanks for enabling this.

Even though I have been scrupulously backing up, I'll feel a lot safer  
when this enormous amount of work is in SVN!

best regards


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