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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: A new name for Corona (take 2)
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:56:55 GMT
Doing a quick Google I didn't find anything relevant on Merenque. For 
Chasse I found and The first is some sort of 
shareware/freeware hunting game for Windows and the second is a sales 
consulting firm. I couldn't locate the website of the author of the 
game, just various places it could be downloaded.

Personally, I don't think either of these names would be a problem and 
would be happy with either one.

I kind of like Merengue. It makes me think of Lemon Meringue Pie :-) .  
Meringue is also light and airly, sort of like a Cocoon. Did you notice 
that when you typed in Merenque in wikipedia it changed the spelling to 
Merengue?  I didn't find anything relevant under that spelling on Google 
or TESS either. doesn't have a listing for Merenque but 
does for Merengue so I suspect that Merenque is an improper spelling in 
English. Of course, that isn't necessarily a problem.


Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> Ralph Goers wrote:
>> Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>> Corona currently consists of 4 functional modules: 
>>> cocoon-corona-pipeline, cocoon-corona-sitemap, 
>>> cocoon-corona-controller and cocoon-corona-servlet. Using functional 
>>> names isn't an appropriate solution for our problem. This would lead 
>>> to a lot of confusion because we would get names that are already 
>>> used (cocoon-pipeline, cocoon-sitemap).
>>> I'm really tired of this. What's next?
>> 1) Just use Corona. If Eclipse complains we will be forced to rename 
>> the project to something else. Then you will get to do this all 
>> again, but it will be worse since artifacts will probably have been 
>> released and people will wonder where the project went.
>> 2) Dream up a new name.
>>    a) Find a descriptive name along the lines of what Henri suggested 
>> - i.e. one or two words that describe what the purpose of the 
>> subproject is.
>>    b) Choose another codename despite Henri's suggestion. Use the 
>> link to TESS to determine whether it is available to use. Bertrand 
>> suggested one (Weedle). It doesn't show up at TESS and it's use on 
>> Google seems to revolve completely around Pokemon. A couple of other 
>> names were also suggested that I haven't checked.
> As I said before, I don't see any chance for a descriptive name that 
> doesn't (partly) collide with something already existing in the Cocoon 
> world.
> Weedle sounds (and looks) cute but TBH I'm not happy with its Pokemon 
> origin.
> So let's find some more suggestions:
> Cocoon Chasse
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Chasse or chassé is a dance step used in many dances in many variants, 
> all of them being triple-step patterns of gliding character, steps 
> going basically step-together-step (see 
> I really like the analogy to our concepts of pipelines:
> Pipeline ....................... Chasse
> Component ...................... Step
> Chasse is also used in many dances. In analogy this is also one of the 
> goals of Corona that was designed to support different objects that 
> are streamed (SAX events, STaX events, etc.).
> TESS doesn't show any usuage of Chasse in the context of software or 
> electronics.
> Cocoon Merenque
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Merengue is a type of lively, joyful music and dance that comes from 
> the Dominican Republic[1]. It is popular in the Dominican Republic, 
> and all over Latin America. Merengue means whipped egg whites and 
> sugar in Spanish, similar to the English word meringue. It is unclear 
> as to why this name became the name of the music of the Dominican 
> Republic. But, perhaps, It can trace its meaning from the movement on 
> the dance floor that could remind one of an egg beater in action. 
> (
> Again, I like the possible analogy of a pipeline and a dance.
> TESS doesn't show any usage of Merenque.
> Both names sound good to me as German speaker and I don't know of any 
> irritating connotation.
> What do people who speak other languages think about it?
> My personal preference is Chasse because it slightly sounds better to 
> me, is shorter and starts with a "C".

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