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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: A new name for Corona (take 2)
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:24:00 GMT
Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> Ralph Goers wrote:
>> Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>> Corona currently consists of 4 functional modules: 
>>> cocoon-corona-pipeline, cocoon-corona-sitemap, 
>>> cocoon-corona-controller and cocoon-corona-servlet. Using functional 
>>> names isn't an appropriate solution for our problem. This would lead 
>>> to a lot of confusion because we would get names that are already 
>>> used (cocoon-pipeline, cocoon-sitemap).
>>> I'm really tired of this. What's next?
>> 1) Just use Corona. If Eclipse complains we will be forced to rename 
>> the project to something else. Then you will get to do this all again, 
>> but it will be worse since artifacts will probably have been released 
>> and people will wonder where the project went.
>> 2) Dream up a new name.
>>    a) Find a descriptive name along the lines of what Henri suggested 
>> - i.e. one or two words that describe what the purpose of the 
>> subproject is.
>>    b) Choose another codename despite Henri's suggestion. Use the link 
>> to TESS to determine whether it is available to use. Bertrand 
>> suggested one (Weedle). It doesn't show up at TESS and it's use on 
>> Google seems to revolve completely around Pokemon. A couple of other 
>> names were also suggested that I haven't checked.
> As I said before, I don't see any chance for a descriptive name that 
> doesn't (partly) collide with something already existing in the Cocoon 
> world.
> Weedle sounds (and looks) cute but TBH I'm not happy with its Pokemon 
> origin.
> So let's find some more suggestions:
> Cocoon Chasse
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Chasse or chassé is a dance step used in many dances in many variants, 
> all of them being triple-step patterns of gliding character, steps going 
> basically step-together-step (see
> I really like the analogy to our concepts of pipelines:
> Pipeline ....................... Chasse
> Component ...................... Step
> Chasse is also used in many dances. In analogy this is also one of the 
> goals of Corona that was designed to support different objects that are 
> streamed (SAX events, STaX events, etc.).
> TESS doesn't show any usuage of Chasse in the context of software or 
> electronics.
> Cocoon Merenque
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Merengue is a type of lively, joyful music and dance that comes from the 
> Dominican Republic[1]. It is popular in the Dominican Republic, and all 
> over Latin America. Merengue means whipped egg whites and sugar in 
> Spanish, similar to the English word meringue. It is unclear as to why 
> this name became the name of the music of the Dominican Republic. But, 
> perhaps, It can trace its meaning from the movement on the dance floor 
> that could remind one of an egg beater in action. 
> (
> Again, I like the possible analogy of a pipeline and a dance.
> TESS doesn't show any usage of Merenque.
> Both names sound good to me as German speaker and I don't know of any 
> irritating connotation.
> What do people who speak other languages think about it?
> My personal preference is Chasse because it slightly sounds better to 
> me, is shorter and starts with a "C".

We also got some suggestions on the users list:

Cocoon Recipe
(suggested by Daniel Bruessler)

"RECIPE" would be the mix of this:

RE(stful) C(ocoon) (p)IPE(line)

I haven't checked in detail if it is used together with software or 
electronics but there are many hits on TESS.

Cocoon PUPA
(suggested by solprovider)

PUPA (always all capitals as an acronym) was the name of a software
project until 2002 when the project became GNU's Grub 2.  Cocoon Pupa
is unlikely to be confused with an obsolete name for a pre-release
boot loader.

- Easily pronounceable in most languages.  (Are there any modern
languages without the a P sound?)
- Negative cultural connotations?  (The only American connotation
should not be negative for anybody over five years old.)
- Not currently used in software.

Barbara Slupik commented on this proposal: "Unfortunately this does not 
sound good in Polish. It means bottom, on which you sit."

IMO this rules out this proposal.

Cocoon Pipes or Apache Pipes
(suggested by Hugh Sparks)

I still think that we shouldn't use a descriptive name in order to not 
confuse our users (and ourselves).

Yahoo! published a product "Yahoo Pipes" last year. TESS also shows a 
lot of hits for "pipe" in the context of software that I haven't checked 
in detail.

Cocoon Morus
(suggested by Mika Lehtonen)

1) it fits on the theme
2) Morus can be interpreted as 'More Us', referring to the  community.

see for details.

There are no hits on TESS.

Thanks again for all your proposals. I think the only name that could be 
used is "Cocoon Morus".

                                        - o -

Let's summarize the proposed names (alphabetical order):

Cocoon Chasse
Cocoon Merenque
Cocoon Morus
Cocoon Weedle

Could others please check these names too?

Any general comments? Any other suggestions?

Reinhard Pötz                           Managing Director, {Indoqa} GmbH

Member of the Apache Software Foundation
Apache Cocoon Committer, PMC member        

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