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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Cocoon-jms-sample requires Java >= 1.5
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2008 10:05:01 GMT
Peter Hunsberger pisze:
>     But when switching the version why don't switch to 1.6 (I think it's
>     on MacOSX now also available). Otherwise we have to switch again in
>     1 year or so (see
> EOL for 1.5
>     is  October 2009.
>         WDYT?
> There might be people who can't run 1.6 yet.  In particular we know some 
> people are still stuck on old versions of Websphere and similar.  We've 
> had this discussion before and I'm on the side that we can't support 
> legacy code forever.  However, I do feel that a jump to 1.6 might be a 
> bit premature. We just had this discussion internally over the last 
> couple of weeks and we found several 1.6 incompatibilities forcing us to 
> stay on 1.5 for the moment.  If we do have a need to move to 1.6 in the 
> future it shouldn't be that much of an issue to change at that point?

Technically, switching to new Java version is not that hard, things that you need to do are:
1. Change required Java version in our parent pom.
2. Change profile in Continuum so it uses Java 1.5
3. Upgrade Java used on
4ยท Announce this fact to our users.

In the past, it proven to be more social issue that some people were blocking decision about

changing required Java version. At this moment, I don't see any kind of that effect (it looks
every one agrees on the need of change) so I don't think we need to exploit this situation
switching to Java 1.6 immediately.

I agree with Peter's arguments that there should be no hurry. On the other hand, I agree with
that we'll need to switch to 1.6 in a year but provided there are no people blocking this
and we have more frequent releases of Cocoon Core I prefer gradual steps.

If there is anyone who wants to add something to this discussion I think it's a perfect time
speak out now. Otherwise, I would like to call a vote next week so we can make a formal decision.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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