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From "" <>
Subject [continuum] BUILD FAILURE: Cocoon - Apache Cocoon [build root] - Build Def:
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 14:00:27 GMT
Online report :

Build statistics:
  State: Failed
  Previous State: Ok
  Started at: Wed 13 Aug 2008 06:45:25 -0700
  Finished at: Wed 13 Aug 2008 06:51:11 -0700
  Total time: 5m 45s
  Build Trigger: Schedule
  Build Number: 326
  Exit code: 1
  Building machine hostname:
  Operating system : Linux(unknown)
  Java Home version : 
          java version "1.5.0_12"
          Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_12-b04)
          Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_12-b04, mixed mode, sharing)
  Builder version :
          Maven version: 2.0.9
          Java version: 1.5.0_12
          OS name: "linux" version: "2.6.20-16-server" arch: "i386" Family: "unix"
SCM Changes:
Changed: gkossakowski @ Wed 13 Aug 2008 03:56:48 -0700
Comment: Implemented exists() method so it tries to return more meaningful value.

Also, use exists() method in getInputStream, if it does not exist then SourceNotFound exception
should be thrown.
Files changed:
( 685509 )

Changed: gkossakowski @ Wed 13 Aug 2008 06:27:36 -0700
Comment: AbstractSession must implement org.apache.cocoon.environment.Session not javax.servlet.http.HttpSession
interface in order to get getCocoonSession() method working properly.
Added some more deprecation statements.
Files changed:
( 685540 )
( 685540 )

Changed: gkossakowski @ Wed 13 Aug 2008 06:28:45 -0700
Comment: cocoon-session-fw-impl sticks to old Cocoon-specific abstraction of Session so getCocoonSession
must be used instead of getSession which returns just HttpSession.
Files changed:
( 685543 )

Changed: gkossakowski @ Wed 13 Aug 2008 06:29:46 -0700
Comment: Reworked HttpServletResponeBufferingWrapper a little bit.

The main idea behind all my changes is to move decision about buffering or not directly to
our own implementation of ServletOutputStream.
ForwardingOrLimitingServletOutputStream acts in two modes depending on setting if it should
buffer or just forward.
This change was needed because there might be following execution of methods for which previous
implementation would fail:
1. stream = response.getOutputStream() //non buffering output stream is returned because by
default status code is set to 200
2. response.setStatusCode(404)
3. stream.write() //write details about error, this is going to be written to response because
non-buffering output stream is in use
4. response.resetBufferedResponse() //this fails with IllegalStateException

This problem was recorded in COCOON-2337 and now is fixed.

Also, test-case covering this problem was added and implementation of existing ones has been
changed a little bit to more carefully check if buffering really works as expected.
Files changed:
( 685544 )
( 685544 )
( 685544 )

Dependencies Changes:
No dependencies changed

Build Defintion:
POM filename: pom.xml
Goals: clean install   
Arguments: --batch-mode -P allblocks,it
Build Fresh: false
Always Build: false
Default Build Definition: true
Profile Name: Maven 2.0.9, Java 5

Test Summary:
Tests: 359
Failures: 0
Total time: 99.628

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