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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: CForms and Dojo
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:55:38 GMT
Hi Guys

Thanks for the interest

On 21 Aug 2008, at 10:47, Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

> Robin Wyles pisze:
>> Hi,
>> Can anyone tell me if this work in progress is available anywhere?  
>> I can't seem to find it in trunk.. I am coming up against some bugs  
>> when using certain dojo within a repeater - would love to see if  
>> dojo 1.1 resolves these.
> Hi Robin,
> From my experience it looks like there are many people asking about  
> Dojo 1.1 integration, few that seem to work on this stuff for their  
> own but almost nobody that is willing to work on trunk.

The problem with working in trunk (as I saw it) was the sheer amount  
of time in which cforms would have been unreleasable. Moving from 0.4  
to 1.1.1 just broke absolutely everything.

> Actually, Jeremy Quinn has probably the best progress but he still  
> keeps everything on his local computer to our misfortune.

Sorry, it just seemed easier :(

> Jeremy, I was thinking about this branch yesterday and I think you  
> should branch whole 2.1 and commit your work to your branch.

With your help, I'd be happy to do this.

> Also, even if I could assist with this process (which is very easy  
> btw.) but I think it should be you who establishes the branch  
> because I have no free cycles to support branch of 2.1 at the  
> moment. Fortunately enough, at Apache we have Subversion 1.5  
> installed so you will be able to take advantage of improved branch/ 
> merge support in 1.5.

Lets do it !!
I am getting really close to having all widgets re-written to Dojo  
1.1.1 APIs, still not quite there yet.

But as it looks like I have some work coming up that will delay me  
further, this could be a good time to get it out.

Apart from my dwindling list or re-writes, there will obviously be a  
big list of niggles and bugs to fix, specially as none of this is  
tested on MSIE.

Cleaning up samples
Devising a good scheme for packaging code and i18n
Waiting for a slew of bug fixes that will come in Dojo 1.2
Implementing client-side validation based on cforms validators, not  
just datatypes (as I have now)

etc. etc.

There is still a lot to do, but once these last few widgets are  
written and all legacy samples work again, people will be able to run  
and use it, criticise, tweak, fix, meaning the slope should be  
downhill :)

> Robin, back to your question: I hope that once Jeremy publishes his  
> work we can all join our forces to push things forward. When it  
> comes to me, I can help with porting Jeremy's work from 2.1 to trunk.

That would be great!!

best regards


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